Saturday, 10 March 2012

CARCASS - Heartwork (1993)

01  Buried Dreams
02  Carnal Forge
03  No Love Lost
04  Heartwork
05  Embodiment
06  This Mortal Coil
07  Arbeit macht Fleisch
08  Blind Bleeding The Blind
09  Doctrinal Expletives
10  Death Certificate

Heartwork is the fourth album by the British extreme metal band Carcass, released through Earache Records in 1993. The album was recorded at Parr Street Studios, Liverpool between May 18 and June 21, 1993.

Words can't really convey the magnificence of Carcass' Heartwork album. On this disc, Carcass dropped the gore metal sound and began focusing on perfecting song structure. The music on Heartwork is concise, compact, and says everything that the band wants it to without blundering through too many blast beats and too many time changes. Yes, Heartwork is far simpler than Necroticism, but the genius and balance present on it is 100 fold over their previous work. There were other bands experimenting more and more with melodicism in 1993 as well, and some excellent releases in that vein such as "Human" by Death, "North From Here" by Sentenced, and "With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness" by At The Gates. Carcass was certainly an important band in the genre.

This is one of those albums everyone will rip off forever. In Flames wish they were this good when they started out. This is good, no great, no excellent death metal, with amazing solos, with songs, with groove, with catchiness, with everything that makes a metal album good. The drumming is once again enormous, full of precise double-bass and quick footed tempo changes coupled with extremely intricate blastbeats. The vocals are a tad tame and reduced in regard to the past, in order to introduce the band to a larger audience (presumably in the States), I think. Anyway, they're still brutal and guttural enough to enjoy. This is pretty much a reason why death metal should be revered as a good instead of a silly genre. If you’re a metalhead, this album is a must to check out. It will bang your head, rock your soul, toss you inside out, tear you up, beat you down, stomp over your speakers, and leave you begging for more. You owe it to yourself to hear this album, it’s pretty much an album no metalhead should miss. This is an album that I rank alongside things like “Human”, or “Reign in blood”, or “Altars of madness”, or “Into the nightside eclipse”, any album like that. It is absolutely fantastic.

The sculpture depicted in the cover art, "Life Support 1993", was designed by H.R. Giger, and is in fact an update of a sculpture he created in the late 1960s.

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