Monday, 12 March 2012

CONVULSE - World Without God (1992)

01  Introduction
02  World Without God
03  Putrid Intercourse
04  Incantation of Restoration
05  Blasphemous Verses
06  False Religion
07  Resuscitation of Evilness
08  Infernal End
09  Godless Truth
10  Powerstruggle of Belief

Convulse was a Finnish death metal band from Nokia, Finland, active between 1988 and 1994. They were one of their country's first extreme metal bands and by some to be the forefathers of the local ‘Nokia' metal scene. Formed in 1988, the band released just two full lengths before fading into obscurity. Their first release though, 1992’s World Without God, is a powerful blast of old school death metal that should appeal to each and every fan of the traditional Stockholm/Tampa Bay Sound.

While some of the material on here may wind up coming off as a bit repetative through the album, some of the real shining moments lie within the guitar work. Yes, the structures aren't all too original from time to time, once in a while sounding like something you already heard, but the guitar solos on here are often intense and awe-inspiring, or, in the case of the track "Godless Truth", the slightly melodic guitar moment mid-song shows real innovation towards the Death Metal scene even back then. I believe the production has much to do with the sound of the record overall. It's somewhat dank. It's not incredibly easy to listen to every instrument with your full attention because the production is somewhat murky, with a dark cynicism hanging in the air, but this adds to the charms. The production isn't often a factor with modern day death metal. It's crisp, clean and everything can be appreciated accordingly, but old school bands like it with a touch of darkness and so do I.

If you have never heard World Without God and call yourself a Death Metal fan, then you need to pick things up a bit and pick this one up. With only two album's under the band's belt, and this being their only straight forward Death Metal full length, Convulse has issued an album that shows the potential that not only the band has, but the style has as well, even for the time of it's release. With various remastered versions available now, it's easier to come by, and simply a must have that, even to this day, holds it's own as very intense and brutal release in the Death Metal field.

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