Thursday, 8 March 2012

DEATH - Human (1991)

01. Flattening Of Emotions
02. Suicide Machine
03. Together As One
04. Secret Face
05. Lack Of Comprehension
06. See Through Dreams
07. Cosmic Sea
08. Vacant Planets
09. God Of Thunder (Kiss Cover) *2011 re-issue bonus track*

Human is the fourth album by death metal band Death, released in 1991. The album marked the beginning of a major stylistic change for Death. The actual sound of the album is much more technically complex and masterfully progressive than Death's previous efforts. The lyrics are now more introspective and meaningful as opposed to the gore-based lyrics of Scream Bloody Gore and Leprosy or the social commentary on Spiritual Healing. This new style would continue to evolve on all following Death albums. Here, Chuck Schuldiner seemed to break out of the confines of tried and tested, floridian death metal, taking it to completely new levels whilst still remaining true to the genre. The songwriting skills had improved in terms of writing shorter more logical songs with a clear structure and recognisable chorus. ‘Flattening Of Emotions’ and ‘Lack Of Comprehension’ really stand out here. These are some finetuned compositions which were so transparent of structure that there was plenty of room for the individual instrumentalist to excell within the boundaries. ‘Suicide Machine’, ‘Together As One’, ‘See Through Dreams’, ‘Vacant Planets’’ and ‘Secret Face’ are all catchy powerful death metal songs of high quality diversity and dynamics that equal the best songs from their previous record. Bonus track "God Of Thunder", found on the re-issues of this album is an absolutely monsterous rendition that completely out-does the original by hard rock icons Kiss and also the version recorded by fellow death metallers Entombed.

Human is Death's best-selling album, having sold 100,000 copies in the United States by 1995. It was ranked number 82 on the October 2006 issue of Guitar World magazine's list of the greatest 100 guitar albums of all time, and a music video was made for the song "Lack of Comprehension", which received airplay on MTV. As of 2008, Human had sold over 500,000 copies worldwide, with the U.S. Soundscan listed as 94,000 units. In 2011, Relapse Records and Perseverance Holdings Ltd. re-issued the album to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the original release. This edition was remixed by Jim Morris of Morrisound Recording Studios, includes bonus tracks, and was authorized by Schuldiner intellectual property lawyer Eric Greif. Greif stated that it was necessary to remix the album since "unbelievably Sony lost the original tape of the album mixes and any attempt to remaster from a CD would be a ripoff".

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