Friday, 9 March 2012

DEICIDE - Legion (1992)

01  Satan Spawn, the Caco-Daemon
02  Dead but Dreaming
03  Repent to Die
04  Trifixion
05  Behead the Prophet (No Lord Shall Live)
06  Holy Deception
07  In Hell I Burn
08  Revocate the Agitator

Deicide's self-titled debut album was a milestone in the death metal scene, mixing sheer brutality with some of the best tracks that every death metal act looked up to, making an attempt to imitate. Despite the muddy production, the band proved how catchy death metal, however brutal, could be. Among the majority of Deicide fans, 1992's Legion is highly considered as their masterpiece, their finest hour, and once you've heard this flesh tearing music, you'll see why. Musically, the band was at their tightest, sounding organized and enthusiastic, which is completely different from nearly all of their latest releases. It was back when they gave a damn about what they were doing, and were actually trying to further themselves musically. There is some irritating content. In fact, of the odd timed stuff, I'd say that half works and half doesn't.

Eric and Brian's guitarwork is more technical and precise than anything they've ever released, a very concentrated twin-guitar attack. The guitar solos make the tracks flow so well, adding onto the other instruments. Steve Asheim, perhaps one of the most overlooked metal drummers, as well as one of the most overlooked of the band members, is a beast behind the drum kit. Vocally and from the point of a bass player, Glen Benton has never been more on form, he has improved since the debut. Standout tracks include Repent To Die, Behead The Prophet (No Lord Shall Live) and Revocate The Agitator, all of which contain some of Glen's ugliest, most harshest vocal stylings. Production wise, this album is okay, especially when comparing it to the debut. It is a step up from the first album, with a clean, cutting guitar sound and the bass surfacing here and there, although the drums sound slightly muffled.

Legion remains, to this date, one of the best albums in Deicide's career. It is one of the finest and most defining moments in death metal. They have grown up since their debut, whilst keeping the melodic charm that they have. Yes, 2006's The Stench Of Redemption is a flawless melodic death metal album, but it still lacks the evil and power of Legion. If you love death metal and you haven't checked this out yet, why haven't you?! It lasts roughly 30 minutes, and Legion leaves you with a longing desire to continue the uncontrolled, heretical self-indulgence long after the carnage is done. Like any album though, Legion has its flaws, but these are generally outweighed by the obvious Legion is Deicide's finest and a true work of Satanic hatred which continues to captivate listeners musically with its truly sinister influence. This is one of those albums you can find yourself listening to almost too much and through extended listens it tends to lose its initial impression, but never its crippling effect.

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