Friday, 9 March 2012

DISMEMBER - Indecent & Obscene (1993)

01  Fleshless
02  Skinfather
03  Sorrowfiller
04  Case# Obscene
05  Souldevourer
06  Reborn In Blasphemy
07  Eviscarated
08  9th Circle
09  Dreaming In Red
10  Hill 112
11  Beyond The Unholy Grave

Dismember formed in Stockholm in 1988. After a hiatus, during which several members joined Carnage, the band began recording in earnest in 1991 and released their debut, Like an Ever Flowing Stream. The album became an early example of Scandinavian death metal and established the band's fanbase, leading to their sophomore effort....

You have to admire Dismember, one of Sweden's finest death metal exports. They've been pedaling their brand of straight for the throat, face-ripping, limb-hacking death metal for years now and have never really lost steam over their course. While people often give the edge to Entombed, I've always been more in favor of Dismember, they really hit the right nerve with me and boast enough melodic sensibilities to keep me coming back. Of course Like An Ever Flowing Stream is a masterwork in its genre, but I have a certain soft spot for Indecent & Obscene.

At just over 35 minutes this album flashes by in a blaze of fury, with an acidic guitar tone that reeks of Sunlight Studios, a sublime drum sound, with a kick drum that thumps in you bang smack in the chest, I'm left looking like the album cover after going a few rounds with this album. Indecent & Obscene is home to some of the finest buzz-saw riffs the band ever laid down, with each song sitting on at least 2-3 gut-busters. "Fleshless" kicks the festivities off in style, and is a personal favorite Dismember track, showcasing the mighty drum sound Fred Estby laid down a stunning performance here, with loads of great fills that really made me sit back and say "wow".

Indecent & Obscene packs a lot of punch, with the first three tracks being a tour-de-force in Swedish death metal. "Skinfather" has one of the most bone-crushing bridges in musical history, preceeded by the bark of "Why don't you just kill yourself?" Special mention has to go to "Dreaming in Red", the opening to this track is actually beautiful and is a great way to introduce the end of the album, after around a minute and a half or so of melodic guitar work they kick back into gear and do what they do best. The whole album is bloody great though. Definitely up there with my favorite death metal albums, any fan of the genre would be a moron to be without this. The album is accompanied by two music videos for the tracks "Skinfather" and "Dreaming in Red". It's also their best selling album to this day. Highly recommended.

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