Friday, 9 March 2012

GORGUTS - Considered Dead (1991)

01  ...And Then Comes Lividity
02  Stiff and Cold
03  Disincarnated
04  Considered Dead
05  Rottenatomy
06  Bodily Corrupted
07  Waste of Mortality
08  Drifting Remains
09  Hematological Allergy
10  Innoculated Life

Considered Dead is the debut full-length studio album by Canadian death metal act Gorguts. After having released a very promising demo tape in the form of ...And Then Comes Lividity (1990), Gorguts was signed to Roadrunner Records and released this debut album in 1991. Compared to the demo tape Considered Dead features one change in the lineup as Sylvain Marcoux has joined on lead guitar replacing Gary Chouinard. The original album release features 10 tracks while the 2006 Metal Mind Productions digipack re-release (limited to 2000 copies) features 2 additional bonus tracks. Considered Dead was also re-released in 2004 by Roadrunner Records along with Gorguts second album The Erosion Of Sanity (1993) on one CD.

The music on Considered Dead is classic US inspired death metal of the more technical kind. We´re not really talking technical death metal here but it´s close. The pace is mostly mid to fast but mostly the former. This is not an album full of blastbeats. The vocals are growling but of the high pitched Chuck Schuldiner ( Death, Control Denied) type. Like on the demo tape Death is still the primary influence. Imagine if Death had released an album between Spiritual Healing (1990) and Human (1991) and then add a bit more death metal brutality. Considered Dead could have been that album. Gorguts lack the memorable hooks that makes Death´s albums so special though and while I do enjoy Considered Dead very much it becomes a bit trivial towards the end and to be honest it´s not an album I listen to very often.

The musicianship is on a high technical level which seems to have set the standard for Canadian extreme metal acts who usually puts great emphasis on technical playing. Bands like Cryptopsy, Martyr and Kataklysm probably all owe some sort of debt to Gorguts.

Like many other death metal albums from the early nineties, Considered Dead was recorded at Morrisound Studios in Tampa, Florida. The album was produced by prolific producer Scott Burns and anyone familiar with his signature sound will recognize his magic touch imidiately when listening to Considered Dead. The sound is very brutal, heavy and powerful. It´s a bit murky by today´s standards but greatly enjoyable none the less.

Considered Dead is widely considered a classic death metal album along with the band's follow up "The Erosion Of Sanity", but I must say that the latter is the superior offering. The progressive elements that the band would incorporate into their sound later in their career are nowhere to be found on Considered Dead, but that doesn´t mean there aren´t a lot to like here. Also, like many death metal albums of the time, artwork was provided by the very talented Dan Seagrave.

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