Wednesday, 28 March 2012

IMMOLATION - Dawn Of Possession (1991)

01  Into Everlasting Fire
02  Despondent Souls
03  Dawn of Possession
04  Those Left Behind
05  Internal Decadence
06  No Forgivenesss (Without Bloodshed)
07  Burial Ground
08  After My Prayers
09  Fall in Disease
10  Immolation

Dawn of Possession is the debut album by Immolation. The record was released on July 19th 1991, it was their first and last album released on Roadrunner Records. The album was re-issued and re-mastered by Metal Mind Productions as a limited edition digipak, on April 24th 2006, with bonus videos. The band formed way back in 1986 as Rigor Mortis in Yonkers, New York. A short time later, they changed their name to Immolation. A couple of demos were released in the late 80s and in 1991 this landmark Death Metal album was released. Of course the band is still going strong today, but many still regard “Dawn Of Possession” as the band’s best output. Guitarist Robert Vigna and vocalist/bassist Ross Dolan have been the only constant members throughout the band's history.

Robert Vigna and Thomas Wilkinson (guitar) display an abundance of stunning riff work that lurches and grinds with a certain off-kilter malevolence, really making for some fascinating listening. Opener ‘Into Everlasting Fire’ provides a glut of shrieking harmonics and technical lead breaks which, while impressing with their sheer proficiency, affect the listener with an ominous ambience. The drumming of Craig Smilowski has a similar effect, as he assaults his kit with an unremitting performance, rarely ceasing to execute his work with anything but a mechanical and expeditious approach. The simply ruthless percussion imparted on ‘Despondent Souls’ cannot fail to impact. Songwriting-wise Immolation take the epic approach, as most of the songs have that feeling and combined with a great amount of heaviness, makes this stand out from the pack.

Immolation have proven for years that quality death metal was not always found in Florida, but that a bunch of confident New Yorker's could also pummel the scene and keep up with their peers from the Sunshine State just fine. This is extreme and brutal stuff here, so if you didn't check it out the first time, order up a copy of the new digipack remaster and savor the intense sounds of Dawn of Possession all over again.

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