Sunday, 11 March 2012

MALEVOLENT CREATION - Retribution (1992)

01  Eve Of The Apocalypse
02  Systematic Execution
03  Slaughter Of Innocence
04  Coronation Of Our Domain
05  No Flesh Shall Be Spared
06  The Coldest Survive
07  Monster
08  Mindlock
09  Iced

Malevolent Creation was formed in Buffalo, New York before moving to the developing death metal scene in Florida. Roadrunner Records signed the band after the release of their second demo and released the band's first three albums. Retribution is the second studio album by Malevolent Creation. It was produced and engineered by Scott Burns

Kicking things off with a reworking of the theme from "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer", "Eve of the Apocalypse" opens and just shreds your ears. Prototypical Malevolent Creation, with plenty of stop and go riffage, unbelievably brutalizing drumming (from the now disappeared Alex Marquez) and, in my opinion, the best death metal vocalist I've heard, Brett Hoffman. Not only does Hoffman NOT do those annoying, gurgling vomit vocals (ie Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation), he gives a unique, individual and by all accounts, terrifying vocal performance. Listen to the shrieks, screams and howls on "The Coldest Survive", "Slaughter of Innocence", and "Mindlock". This is how a death metal vocalist should vocalize. Coupled together with the murderous compositions here,this makes for a seriously damaging listening.

The guitar style of “Retribution” is less dense and heavy as the guitar of typical modern death metal. At this point in time, Malevolent Creation favored an intense drive guitar sound that is strongly reminiscent of thrash metal. This comes as no surprise because at this point, death metal and thrash metal were very much entwined. Soloing is frequent throughout the album and drenched in screaming wah effects and blistering shreds and bends.

Rest assured, if you enjoyed the pioneering sounds of the Florida death metal scene, then "Retribution" is an album not to be missed. It stands alongside more well known releases such as "Human," "Symbolic," "Altars of Madness," and "Screams of Anguish" as some of the better albums from the Florida scene of the time. Its certainly an incredible listen, even to this day, especially amongst the sea of skilled yet obviously lacking death metal outfits out there today. From the band's brutal yet well crafted assaults to the superb artwork by Dan Seagrave, this is one album no death metal fan should be without and is the best album Malevolent Creation ever created...

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