Monday, 12 March 2012

NECROPHOBIC - The Nocturnal Silence (1993)

01  Awakening…
02  Before The Dawn
03  Unholy Prophecies
04  The Nocturnal Silence
05  Inborn Evil
06  The Ancients Gate
07  Sacrificial Rites
08  Father Of Creation
09  Where Sinners Burn

The Nocturnal Silence is the first album recorded by Swedish Death metal band Necrophobic. It was recorded and mixed at Sunlight Studios, Stockholm, Sweden in March 1993. The band has always been on of the most consistent Swedish death metal bands, but that’s not what sets them apart from their contemporaries. What sets them apart is that they’re one of the first bands to pioneer the blackened death metal sound that’s so prevalent today. Many people like to credit Behemoth for this, but fuck that, Necrophobic did it first and have always done it better. Their debut, The Nocturnal Silence, is a classic Swedish death metal album that masterfully takes their death metal sound and mixes in some black metal riffing to create a wonderfully dark sound.

In my opinion, melody should not always be involved in a musical genre that was meant to be violent and unrelenting. But Necrophobic's debut record proves to be an exception. This CD was not meant to be brutal, but dark. The drum work, empty of blastbeats and other features of standard death metal violence proves that. The vocals are much more in the black metal territory, instead of the standard death metal growls. The emphasis here is in the evil sounding DM riffs, with their particular grinding sound, trademark of every death metal album. Good production provides that crunchy sound to the riffs. Speaking of those, they are not banal in any way, with some complexity, never sounding boring or over-technical. This shows the value on toiling in the underground, playing shows and recording demos before putting together an album. Not only is the musicianship excellent, the songwriting was well thought-out and Necrophobic easily achieved what they set out to do. This is a classic piece of Satanic Death Metal history and one of the best albums to ever be recorded at Sunlight Studio.

The first European pressing by Black Mark Production had noted track 5 as Shadows of the Moon a short instrumental in the booklet and on the back cover, but by mistake, they pressed Inborn Evil as the song on the CD.
Approx. 1000 CDs were pressed for the US market by Cargo Records where track 5 was noted as Shadows of the Moon in the booklet and on the back cover and where Shadows of the Moon is also pressed on CD. This record is the one and only pressing with this instrumental song Shadows of the Moon.
All other European re-issues by Hammerheart Records, Painkiller Records and Karmageddon Records have Inborn Evil noted on the back cover/booklet and the song Inborn Evil pressed on the CD/LP.

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