Tuesday, 13 March 2012

RESURRECTION - Embalmed Existence (1993)

01  Disembodied
02  Rage Within
03  Embalmed Existence
04  Smell Of Blood
05  Torture Chamber
06  Eyes Of Blind
07  Test Of Fate
08  Pure Be Damned
09  War Machine

From the same region that gave us DEATH and OBITUARY comes another overlooked band Tampa's RESURRECTION, who are equally adept in splitting your ears apart with their fiery brand of Death Metal that revolves around Paul Degoyler's wicked vocals and terrific guitar rhythms.

Let me begin by stating that this album is an exact 50/50 mix of Malevolent Creation‘s Retribution and Obituary‘s The End Complete. It has that thick thrash element, throaty growled vocals, thumping drums, and precise riffing of Malevolent Creation with the slower, prodding interludes of Obituary. To be honest, the drums sound identical to those on Retribution, from the actual production sound to the use of interesting double bass patterns without a reliance on blast beats. There are elements of melody that permeate each song which makes this album a bit more versatile than Obituary and Malevolent Creation – Check out the mellow riffing at the 1:15 mark of “Disembodied.”

Hindsight is useful in the release of this album in two ways. Perhaps why this record never truly built up a reputation, apart from the fact Resurrection never followed it up with album number two (until 2008), is because it was released in 1993, the year we now know as when things arguably started turning sour for death metal and metal in general, a decline that lasted until the later years of the decade. Reviewing this now, I listen to an album that on the musical surface is a resolutely solid and stoically old school affair, thus sounding quite delightful to these ears. No polished production, no breakdowns nor melodic faux-pas pretenses, but DM the way it was designed and intended to be, in the classic 'Morrisound' way. However, here is hindsight example no. 2; "Embalmed Existence" would have sounded like too many other Malevolent Creations and Disincarnates of the day to be picked upon, suffering the all-too-common problem of being born too late - released in 1990 it would have been considered a minor classic and we undoubtedly have heard more from the band thereafter. The only complaint is the storytelling sections inbewteen each song that frankly, border on the comical. Featuring lines such as; "I rest in my home, eating human waste and drinking the urine from my dog. I feel insane when I do this, but I like it".

*The cover version of War Machine (originally by KISS) was deleted from the 2009 re-issue. Shame...

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