Monday, 12 March 2012

REVENANT - Prophecies Of A Dying World (1991)

1. Prophecy Of A Dying World
2. Spawn
3. Ancestral Shadows
4. The Unearthy (A Quest)
5. In The Dark Of The Psychic Unknown
6. Asphyxiated Time
7. Distant Eyes
8. Valedictions
9. Degeneration

New Jersey's Revenant was formed by Will Corcoran - Drums, Dave Jengo - Guitar, Tim Scott - Bass and Henry Veggian - Vocals, Guitar in 1986, signed by Nuclear Blast, they released "Prophecies Of A Dying World" in 1991.

This album is full of tempo changes and eerie phrases and melodies, and is quite technical. There are also some progressive and thrash elements in the music. I also must point out that the lyrics on this album are more well thought out than your average gore obssessed death metal band. Most of the songs lyrical content is inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft as well.
Each song on this album has its unique imprint, while the evaporated throat vocals and somewhat sadistic immersion in complex riffing can overwhelm, its rough transfer between human motion and potential stored creates an atmosphere which not only remains a current vision of apocalypse, but infiltrates the current time with a sense of desperation from the age of early death metal.

The big problem here is the production. It's shocking to learn that the title-track has four different guitar tracks, all doing something different, only to be practically wiped out on the final mix. There is hardly any bass on here, either, leaving the whole album feeling drier than the Sahara desert. The song arrangements are usually very long, and the dryness kind of kills your attention span on the first few listens. Its similar to Invocator's first album, "Excursion Demise"--lots of ideas flying around, but difficult to differentiate them all. Thankfully, the drumming and some twists with the guitar work keep the intrigue high, which is something I can't say for "Excursion Demise," which was basically all skank beats. This is the only full length album they ever relasesed, a real shame that Revenant suffers from the same fate as fellow New Jersey band Ripping Corpse, unknown and unappreciated. Not exactly essential, but worth a listen.

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