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BANISHED - Deliver Me Unto Pain (1993)

01  Diseased Chaos
02  Deliver Me Unto Pain
03  Cast Out The Flesh
04  Skinned
05  Inherit His Soul
06  Valley Of The Dead
07  Succumb To The Fear
08  Altered Minds
09  Scars
10  Anointing Of The Sick
11  Enter the Confines
12  Through Deviant Eyes

New York's Banished, who in 1992 released 'The Dead Shall Inherit' (as Baphomet), followed that record up with 'Deliver Me Unto Pain', a very similar record to the band's debut. The record was released via Peaceville in the UK and was thankfully up by Caroline Records for release in the US.

Musically 'Deliver Me Unto Pain' is a natural continuation of 'Dead Shall Inherit'. The songs are played in a very similar vein, in the simple yet effective "Baphomet" style. It’s grinding brutal US death metal with crushing riffs and stop-start drum beats. There are a few songs that you may recognise – two off the first album (“Valley of the Dead” and “Through Deviant Eyes”) and two from the previously released “Banished” EP. These tracks are well recorded, sound great, but I don’t really understand the reason for re-recording the songs from the first album. Were they not good enough in their original versions? Are they just filler tracks here, do to lack of fresh material? Anyway, that’s just a minor complaint, as the tracks here are just as great as I would expect from this band. The fast and devastating opening track "Diseased Chaos" is just a blast. The title track is also one of the better songs on this record, which the band also shot a promotional video for. Other tracks like “Skinned” “Anointing Of The Sick” and “Scars” are groovy slabs of full-on old school death metal. There's no bullshit, no fucking around – just a classic, face smashing metal feast. When I've listened to this album and also the debut, I can't help but think of Morgoth in relation to the overall sound of the band. If you haven't heard Banished (or Baphomet) before, I would probably go out on a limb to say they sound similar to Morgoth.

If you liked them as Baphomet and can't get enough of this sound, this disc is probably worth picking up, especially since the reissues by Peaceville aren't too expensive. As a sidenote, the cover art by Tim Vigil is not the whole image, which only appeared on the limited edition "Altered Minds" 7" from 1993. I guess the sadism depicted within was considered too graphic for major release.

*When this LP was released Peaceville had lost their US distribution so it was not released in North America.

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