Wednesday, 4 April 2012

DEATH - Individual Thought Patterns (1993)

01  Overactive Imagination
02  In Human Form
03  Jealousy
04  Trapped In A Corner
05  Nothing Is Everything
06  Mentally Blind
07  Individual Thought Patterns
08  Destiny
09  Out Of Touch
10  The Philosopher

'Individual Thought Patterns' is the fifth album by the band Death, released on June 15th 1993 via Relativity Records. Featured on the record are; founder, vocalist and guitarist, Chuck Schuldiner, guitarist Andy LaRocque (King Diamond), drummer Gene Hoglan (Dark Angel) and bassist Steve DiGiorgio (Sadus).

Some of their biggest, most acclaimed songs are displayed on this album. Tracks like; "Overactive Imagination", "In Human Form", "Trapped in a Corner", "Nothing Is Everything" and "The Philosopher". This is Indeed a must for any Death metal fan, or highly technical metal lover. I must say that Andy LaRocque's guitar playing is jaw dropping....listen to his solo around the 2 minuite mark on "Trapped in a Corner". This album is crammed with creativity, memorable songs and it's very easy to get into. I truely believe the band's best work was from 'Human' to 'The Sound Of Perserverance'. They have matured greatly and it shows on this release. Chuck Schuldiner proved on this release that he is and was one of the greatest metal guitarist of all time, and also one of the best death metal vocalists of all time. Many of the riffs he plays on these songs would be difficult for the average person to play none the less perform and sing at the same time. It's quite obvious that Chuck had training on the guitar not based around the metal or rock genre listening to the way he's able to make certain scales work so well with the music.

Drawing some conclusions, it's really hard to realize how a single record can hold so much aggression, anger, and defiance, and at the same time be melodic and progressive. Consequently, it really may take some time to let this album grow on you, and don't forget to read the lyrics, which are very significant in the light of the events that took place in the life of Chuck and Death prior to the release of this conceptual record.

According to, the album is the 100th greatest heavy metal album of all time, as well as the 11th greatest extreme metal album of all time. The album is included in Guitar Player Magazine's Metal Guitar albums Top 20. The album was reissued and remixed by Relapse Records in October 2011. A promotional video was also shot for the track "The Philosopher" and cover art was provided by Rene Miville.

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