Friday, 13 April 2012


December 13, 2011 marked the 10th anniversary of Chuck Schuldiner’s passing as a result of brain cancer. It also marked 10 years of nothing changing for musicians - Traveling in buses or vans for half a year eating meager meals, all for the sake of music. As Chuck would say “It’s great to see the metal scene alive”. Yet we can count on one hand how many musicians we know with medical coverage.
When the creators of Sick Drummer Camp realized their second camp may include a few guys who had played in DEATH at one point or another, the idea for this tour was born. These 5 benefit shows are about supporting  Sweet Relief Musicians Fund.

This is not a “reunion” but a show of respect for someone who gave his life to music, a founding father of a genre. If but for a moment we can close our eyes, bang our heads and remember the very men who helped create such an amazing style of music, celebrate Life with Death. This is about protecting our artists, our music and a lifestyle! metal is and has always been about supporting each other. The drums will be handled by Gene Hoglan (Individual Thought Patterns/Symbolic) and Sean Reinert (Human). On bass will be Steve DiGiorgio (Human/Individual Thought Patterns) and Scott Clendenin (The Sound of Perseverance). Guitar duties will be shared by Paul Masvidal (Human), Shannon Hamm (The Sound of Perseverance) and Bobby Koelble (Symbolic). Support for selected shows will come from Gorguts and Atheist.

The Schuldiner family stood by their son and helped him fight every step of the way against a terrible illness. The family continues their desire to fight, and to not allow others to go through what their son, brother, uncle and friend went through. For the fans it is a chance to enjoy the music and scene with some of the very people who helped create it. There are many musicians currently in need of support and assistance.


6/22/2012 – The Regency Ballroom – San Francisco, CA
6/23/2012 – House of Blues – Los Angeles, CA
6/26/2012 – House of Blues – Chicago, IL
6/28/2012 – Irving Plaza – NYC, NY
6/30/2012 – The Beacham – Orlando, FL
7/01/2012 - The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
7/03/2012 – House of Blues – Dallas, TX

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