Friday, 20 April 2012

DEICIDE - Deicide (1990)

01  Lunatic Of God's Creation
02  Sacrificial Suicide
03  Oblivious To Evil
04  Dead By Dawn
05  Blaspherereion
06  Deicide
07  Carnage In The Temple Of The Damned
08  Mephistopheles
09  Day Of Darkness
10  Crucifixation

Deicide was formed in Tampa, Florida on July 21st 1987 by Glen Benton (bass/vocals), brothers Brian and Eric Hoffman (guitars) and Steve Asheim (drums). Band names used early on were Carnage and Amon whilst the group was cutting demos and perfoming sporadically around the Tampa area.  In 1989 Glen Benton reportedly stormed into Roadrunner Records' A&R man Monte Connors' office and presented him with a demo, shouting, "Sign us, you fucking asshole!" The next day contracts were issued but the band's name was changed to Deicide at the request of Roadrunner Records. They released eponymous debut June 25th 1990.

The music on Deicide's debut album is Satanic, anti-christian themed death metal. With songtitles like; "Lunatic of God's Creation" and "Crucifixation" not much is left to the imagination. Unlike the sometimes primitive and repetitive lyrics on later albums by the band, I think the lyrics work well on this album. Maybe it's because later albums didn't improve much on the formula that Deicide started here. The album is over in 33:35 minutes and the 10 tracks on the album are all relatively short. It's a perfect length for an album containing music this extreme. The pace is mostly fast with lots of blast beats but drummer Steve Asheim's tempo changes never let the songs become trivial. Glen Benton delivers a strong vocal performance on this album, although his voice was enhanced with studio effects in certain parts (most prominently in "Dead by Dawn") to make the vocals as demonic as possible. This was before he ended up growling so deep that he became almost undecipherable, which is why the band's sound doesn't come across so well live these days. His now legendary high pitched demon sneer and his growling vocal style is very atmospheric. Standout tracks one the album are; "Dead By Dawn", "Sacrificial Suicide" and "Day of Darkness".

The production is typical Scott Burns and Morrisound. Heavy and brutal. The guitars are a bit thin sounding at times and on occasion it's quite difficult to decipher exactly what is played but otherwise the sound doesn't hinder the music too much. Very few death metal albums can create either a genuinely sinister or scary atmosphere, no matter how good they are on their own merits, and very few can convey a genuine sense of very real hatred for something in the real world, such as religion. This album does do the latter, in every way, without a hint of compromise. Many thought Deicide would be a short lived gimmick, but more than a two decades after the release of this album, Deicide are still delighting their fans and horrifying christians everywhere.

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