Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Chamber Of Ages: The Stance On File Sharing

I would just like to take a moment to explain why Chamber Of Ages is not a file-sharing site, and why it never will be.....The site is an archive, a resource and information hub for fans of extreme metal music. I am not trying to aid corporate income. I simply don't believe in robbing any artist of their hard earned royalties, especially artists who have have inspired me so much that I have created this site as a labour of love in homage to their very talents.

I'm aware that the majority of people have downloaded a file at least once. In the early days of the internet I occasionally tracked down obscure songs from long disbanded acts that I couldn’t find anywhere else on dodgy peer-to-peer services such as Limewire. I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong – after all, I’d already bought the songs on vinyl LP from the 1980s and early 90s when they made their profit, so it wasn’t like I hadn’t paid for them already. That was my reasoning anyway, flawed as it was. Then, as I spent more time talking to people from bands, I started to realise the detrimental effect illegal downloads were having on their livelihood. “People think it’s no big deal but it is, essentially, stealing,” was the general feeling among bands. “If we don’t sell enough albums, the label will not renew our contract and the band splits up.” But many people still think nothing of downloading music illegally. Indeed some think it’s their right. Why? Would you be happy working for nothing? No, of course not, but you expect your favourite bands to not be paid for their work. Plus, I personally enjoy having a physical product, I enjoy collecting records...

So, just imagine if the internet had been around in the late 1980s. Sure, bands like Death and Morbid Angel would've still had a technological tool to get their music out to the public, but they wouldn't have generated enough cash to fund more demos, more gear for local shows, the cash for a national or european tour - Thus depriving so-called fans of any new music (studio and live). There would have been no "Symbolic" or "Covenant" it is as simple as that. Yes, billionaire record company owners can be uncaring, out of touch and greedy, but it seems so can your average metalhead sat at home on the computer.

There will be no mediafire, torrentfreak or megaupload links and zip files here, just a passion for discovery, knowledge and most importantly - heavy fucking METAL!

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