Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Brad Masters enters a contest and wins an album by his favorite band of all time, Living Corpse. The tape has a special song called "Zombiefied", which turns Brad and his friends into zombies at a party. Luckily, Brad's girlfriend Angel misses the party and it is up to her to save her friends.

Normally, I’ll give any $3 crock of D.I.Y. shot-on-video horror flick the vast benefit of the doubt and press play to see what the deal is, but this pitiful lump of Texan, no budget, living dead shit from ‘Cemetery Cinema’ made me want to rip my eyes and ears out within minutes. Ok, I know it’s not intended to be high art, or even competent trash, and it’s obviously a labor of love made by friends, but holy fuck, there’s only so much footage of the same ten zombies coughing up ketchup any mere mortal can withstand.

‘Starring’ Lisa Cook, Bill Dewild, Joe Vela and Thomas Banta as ‘Shengar’ (a nasty entity), the story concerns itself with a bunch of death metal fans who listen to a cassette tape (remember them?) and then turn into death metal zombies. The end.

Most of it is shot in the director's house with terrible lighting that seems to give everyone's face the appearance of a pizza crust, and although there’s some wicked and crunchy tunes by the likes of Brutality, Dismember and Pungent Stench (listed in the credits). The best moments are the brief and soapy topless scenes, a guy wearing a Richard Nixon mask and the hilariously bad three person, garage mosh-pit.

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