Friday, 4 May 2012

Deceased's 'Luck Of The Corpse' To Be Reissued

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions will reissue the classic debut album from DECEASED, "Luck Of The Corpse", on CD format on May 22. This version will include restored artwork, remastered audio as well as rare bonus tracks.

"True death metal from the grave... raw, ugly and proper! Haunting corpses with shrieks of underrated sickness, 'Luck Of The Corpse' is a prime example of just how death metal the '80s could get. Despite its release in 1991 as the first band signed to Relapse Records, DECEASED's debut album reanimates tracks primarily written and demoed throughout '85-'89 and easily stands ground with POSSESSED, NECROVORE, early DEATH, and demo-era MORBID ANGEL. This is the album that forged DECEASED as one of America's pioneering, legendary underground bands... a classic debut that still holds up 20+ years later! Features restored artwork taken from the film 'Black Sabbath', remastered audio and includes the unreleased 1990 raw demo plus a never before heard version of 'Feasting On Skulls' recorded in 1998. Up the tombstones!!"

You can reserve your copy for only $10 including shipping here.

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