Tuesday, 29 May 2012

DETERIORATE - Rotting In Hell (1993)

01  Agonized Display
02  A Thousand Years Of Anguish
03  Cannibal Autopsy
04  Devoured
05  The Sufferance
06  Rotting In Hell
07  Asphyxiation Cremation
08  Shadows Of Death
09  Beyond The Grave
10  Decomposed Anatomy

Deteriorate was formed in late 1991 in Philadelphia by Mike Trush (vocals/bass), Joe Gorski (guitar), Rich Yurgevich (drums) and Frank Ierovante (guitar). 'Rotting In Hell' was the band's debut record released by the JL America label in June 1993. After numerous line-up changes and a shift toward a more black metal sound, the band's second record 'The Senectuous Entrance' arrived in 1996. Deteriorate have since disbanded and 'Rotting In Hell' has become somewhat of a hard-to-find collectors item, due to having no re-issue to date.

The one thing that stands out most about this album, considering the time frame it was released, are the vocals. While every band and their mother was trying to top each each other in the "I can growl lower then you can" game, Deteriorate employed a hoarse, raspy "Wicked Witch of the West" style of vocal exhortation. As for the music, Deteriorate really stood out from many of the bands overcrowding the Death Metal scene in the early 90's. Catchy riffs are spread throughout, laced with tight solos in certain places, to create an album of fierce, melodic Death Metal. Out of the ten tracks, "A Thousand Years Of Anguish" and "Decomposed Anatomy," the final track, stand out the most.

Every musician has a goal that they try to accomplish through their music. Some bands are supposed to make you think. Their music is complex and meticulously planned, and their lyrics are insightful and poignant. Other bands just want to write the soundtrack to every brutal murder, act of cannibalism, and gruesome death ever. The underground death metal band, Deteriorate, falls into the latter category. Critics of the genre could say that this is a rather formulaic and uninventive death metal album. True, the album does not tread new ground and is not original in the least. However, it doesn’t try to be a musical revelation. It tries to be a quick burst of grisly, bloody, and uncontrollable heaviness, and this it does without fail. Those looking for some grotesque and ghastly fun will not be disappointed in the least.

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  1. Lots of great memories from the DETERIORATE days. Actually working on a Re-issue now that might include the ECHO STUDIO version we recorded 2 months prior. We ended up rerecording at SNUGFIT STUDIOS because we had problems with the engineer. The Echo version was much more dark and dirty sounding. Thorous Bosman