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HYPOCRISY - The Fourth Dimension (1994)

01  Apocalypse
02  Mind Corruption
03  Reincarnation
04  Reborn
05  Black Forrest
06  Never To Return
07  Path To Babylon
08  Slaughtered
09  Orgy In Blood
10  The North Wind
11  T.E.M.P.T
12  The Fourth Dimension
13  Arrival Of The Demons

'The Fourth Dimension' is the third studio album released by metal band Hypocrisy October 25, 1994. After the departure of original vocalist Masse Broberg, Peter Tägtgren moved into the frontman role and lyrics started to focus more on the paranormal and science fiction rather than anti-christian topics. The person depicted on the cover is actually Mikael Hedlund, Hypocrisy's bass player.

This record had been laid down in March of '94 at Park Studios in Stockholm, which observed the band exploring new directions, wresting themselves away from cheesy, immature lyrical content and replacing buzzsaw riffage with more melancholic chord patterns. 'The Fourth Dimension' was also the first Hypocrisy body of work to prominently highlight keyboards. Japanese versions of the record added the 'Inferior Devotees' EP material as a bonus.

What can be said about songs such as; “Apocalypse”, “Never To Return”, “Black Forest”, “Reincarnation”, “The North Wind” and the introspective title track? They’re all classics and among the best tracks the band has written as a Death Metal outfit in my opinion. Tägtgren’s solos and melodies are far catchier here and more helpful if you will, since they add so much more depth, atmosphere and character to the songs. Peter's vocals are really low and brutal, though not as strong as Masse's on the previous two efforts. Every song is really well crafted with near to zero filler, even if they are slower than the last record. The bass is more prominent in the mix here as well. Overall, I would say that this one is softer and more mature in some ways than the previous two records, yet it is unmistakably death metal. I highly recommend purchasing this album if you even remotely like Hypocrisy and Swedish metal in general.

*The limited edition digipack (cat.-no. NB 112-2 DIGI) - not to be confused with the digipack re-release - had "The Abyss" (04:38) as bonus track instead of "The Arrival of the Demons". Total time: 55:32.
This track was later re-recorded for "The Arrival" album.

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