Thursday, 31 May 2012

Product Review: DigiTech's Death Metal Pedal

Ease of Use: Simple enough to use like any other effects pedal, there are 4 knobs for great versitality and for finding the the right tone to suit your playing. You just press down on the pedal and let the fuzz flow. It might be difficult to play around with if put through an amp with pre-made settings like a Line 6 Spider II. You will have to match the level on the pedal to the gain on your amp so that when you switch from distortion to clean you won't disappear. Power consumption is 4.8 Watts.

Sound: I ran this pedal though a simple set-up of an Ibanez GRG07 LDT-2 guitar and a Marshall MG 100DFX amp. For me there was some noise being generated from the pedal through the speaker when nothing is actually being played. The amount of feedback at times can be ear splitting if the volume and level is too high. So, as I said mentioned earlier, you will need to match up your amp settings with that of the pedal to get the best usage out of it. The Digitech death metal pedal is excellent for achieveing a multitude of insane sounds backed by an extreme amount of gain. I was able to recreate a guitar sound almost exactly the same as Trey Azagthoth on 'Altars Of Madness', Chuck Schuldiner on Death's 'Leprosy' and the famous buzz-saw "Sunlight Sound" from Sweden. Basically, if you play any form of metal, this pedal is for you. It can launch out some very tasty thrash chugs, death and black metal intensity with plenty of power, but it also has a good high end for those blistering solos and screaming harmonics.

Reliability & Durability: This thing is built as tough as a military bunker, weighing in at 1.38 lbs. It's housed in metal and can take one hell of a beating. In my opinion it is much more durable than a Boss pedal. If you ran it over it would probably still work. I'd be pretty confident to take this to a gig and it not fail on me, although you should always have back-up pedals just incase of any problems. The battery life is around 18hrs for continuous play (it uses a 9V alkaline dry battery), so it will easily make it through one gig but I would recommend having a digitech charger if you do use effects pedals often.

Overall Impression: I play just about everything, but hard rock/extreme metal is where I'm at home. Once I figured out the quirks I was quite happy with this pedal. It's far better then my amps own distortion, and has a wide range of sounds with volume manipulation. I already own the Synth-Wah Digitech pedal and would certainly purchase another from them in the future. This is a very specific tool for a very specific job. That job is bone-crushing riffage. If you're looking for anything lighter, look elsewhere. Honestly, for the price of it (I paid £40 on Amazon) and the levels of sound on offer, the Digitech Death Metal pedal is undoubtedly value for money.

Score: 9/10

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