Wednesday, 30 May 2012

SICK FEST DENMARK 21-23/6/2012

A new era will soon begin....Sick Fest is a new Indoor Underground Death Metal Fest in the town Odense in the center of Denmark at midsummer (21-22-23. june 2012), which mainly are with upcoming death metal and and a few grind bands, which deserve to come out and play live for a musicloving audience, who support the underground and like to experience new, unknown or upcoming bands. The festival are laying in the center of the city near the station and restaurants, shops and everything. Since festivals like Death Feast and Mountains of Death stopped to excist last year, we decided to make a festival in vein of these this year. Sick Fest is driven by passionated volunteers and we don't get anything for it, except a good experience.

On the festival there will be 28 bands - 22 international bands, and 6 danish support-bands. Besides of that, there will between and after the sets be great DJ's that will make sure to make a great party for us all. Competitions and other kind of entertainment will also take place before and between the sets. Example there will be a Gore Girls Strippershow, Airguitar Competition and Growl Karaoke.

CHAINSAW FISTING - Oldschool Death Metal from Denmark
BONE - Speed/Thrash from Denmark

CONDEMNED - Brutal Death Metal from USA
DERANGED - Brutal Death Metal from Sweden
VOMITOUS - Slam Death Metal from Sweden
UNBREAKABLE HATRED - Technical Death Metal from Canada
AMAGORTIS - Death Metal from Swizerland
SUFFOCATE BASTARD - Brutal Death Metal from Germany
BLOODWRATH - Melodic Death Metal from United Kingdom
ORPHALIS - Technical Brutal Death Metal from Germany
VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC - Snuffgrind from Austria
RAZORRAPE - Goregrind from Sweden
DPOS!!! - Goregrind from Sweden
DISINTEGRATED - Oldschool Death Metal from Denmark
ROTTING HOPE - Slam Death Metal from Denmark

ROMPEPROP - Partygroovin' Goregrind from Holland
CLITEATER - Grinding Deathrock from Holland
ROTT - Brutal Death Metal from USA
STILLBIRTH - Surf Death/Grind from Germany
WARPATH - Brutal Death Metal from Ireland
PIGHEAD - Brutal Death Metal from Germany
CYTOTOXIN - Technical Brutal Death Metal from Germany
SYN:DROM - Brutal Death Metal from Sweden
ENDOMETRITIS - Slam Death Metal from Germany
CUMBEAST - Groovy Brutal Death/Grind from Finland
INTESTINAL INFECTION - Grindcore from Germany
DREADLORD - Brutal Death Metal from Denmark
PANACEA - Melodic Death Metal from Denmark

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