Wednesday, 6 June 2012

BLOODBATH - Resurrection Through Carnage (2002)

01  Ways To The Grave
02  So You Die
03  Mass Strangulation
04  Death Deliriam
05  Buried By The Dead
06  The Soulcollector
07  Bathe In Blood
08  Trail Of Insects
09  Like Fire
10  Cry My Name

'Resurrection Through Carnage', released on November 12th 2002 via Century Media Records, is the first full album release from Swedish death metal super-group Bloodbath. The band named themselves after the song "Blood Bath" from the album To the Gory End by Cancer. A year after being formed, the band, then consisting of Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth) on vocals, Dan Swanö (Edge of Sanity) on drums, Anders Nyström (Katatonia) on guitar, and Jonas Renkse (Katatonia) on bass released their EP 'Breeding Death', which led to what was initially side-project becoming a full recording and touring band.

Bloodbath are not out to win any awards for innovation, but to strip away the complexity of their current projects and have a good time writing what comes natural, old school Swedish death with the crunch on overdrive. Throughout this album, the succession of well-placed riffs, melodic breakdowns, and blastbeats proves again and again that not only are the musicians students of the genre, but that this music is seemingly in their blood (no gore puns intended). The only non-authentic part of this album, and its main drawback, is the recording quality, which is cleaner and more digital-sounding than any of the old-school albums being paid homage to. The album begins with a nice fade in to "Ways to the Grave", a crushy blow to the skull with a nice creepy riff after the midpoint. "So You Die" begins with a tearing lead over a thick rhythm, then splitting off into some groovier segments. "Mass Strangulation" has a great, wailing atmosphere during its breakdown which is one of the more exciting moments on the album. "Death Delirium" is a fine track, highly reminiscent of old Entombed. I'll be honest, almost the entire album sounds like a sequel to Clandestine. But that's not a bad thing. Other standout tracks here include "The Soulcollector", the riffy "Bathe in Blood" and the brutal "Like Fire". It's good to hear Anders Nystrom performing in a different style than his usual gothic/doom leanings, also Mikael Akerfeldt sounds absolutely intense in his vocals here.

Like so many other modern death metal releases, 'Resurrection Through Carnage' may not be altogether groundbreaking but it is guaranteed to get virtually anyone who is into extreme metal tapping and humming along to the dirty yet powerful guitar tunes, vocal lines, the more percussive riffs and Dan Swanö's simple but effective drumming. This is quite simply; pure, unpretentious metallic enjoyment from beginning to end.

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