Thursday, 21 June 2012

ROTTREVORE - Inquitous (1993)

01  Jesters Of Recession
02  Ceased By Failure
03  Spawn Of Ignorance
04  Unanimous Approval
05  Dismal Fate
06  Disembodied
07  Incompetent Secondary
08  Conspiracised
09  Actions For Loss
10  Crude Domination
11  Unbeknownst (Outro)

Rottrevore is an American death metal band from Pittsburgh, USA, formed in November 1989 by Mark Mastro (guitar/vocals) Chris Free (bass) and Christopher Weber (guitar/vocals) with the later addition of Jason Graham on drums. The band released one demo, two EPs and one full-length album before breaking up. As of 2011, the band is once more active. 'Iniquitous' is Rottrevore's first and only album to date. It was recorded at Audiomation Studios, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on February 2nd, 1993. It was released that same year through Drowned Productions and was produced by Joe West.

Anyone who has ever used the term 'crushing' to describe a death metal band or album hasn't got a fucking clue until they've heard "Iniquitous" from Rottrevore. This record sits up there with "Mental Funeral" and "Effigy of the Forgotten" as one of the heaviest offerings to ever come out of the classic American death metal scene. Unfortunately, because it was released on a relatively small Spanish label and had been long out of print, it is very often overlooked and forgotten. Interestingly enough, these guys were actually once signed to Relapse Records but for whatever reason switched to a different label for the release of their second EP before finally settling on Drowned Productions.

From the moment you hit 'Play', you're instantly submerged by a bubbling sea of thick guitars, bone-snapping drums and a bass tone that's lower than the lifeless chasms of hell. Listen to the song 'Conspiracised' around the 0:15 second mark to experience a brief bass solo that's more akin to a tank flattening a graveyard. The vocals are delivered both by Mark Mastro and Chris Weber. Together they are able to form some of the most inhumanly low, naturally-produced growls that make Chris Barnes sound like a weeping schoolgirl. None of the music here is very fast, which definitely will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but that is what makes Iniquitous what it is. I picture it to not be as fast, but a lot more calculated it its delivery. Every riff, every drum beat, and every Hell-spawned growl seems very articulated and precise. We are treated to a fast drumming section at 1:40 in “Disembodied,” but these segments aren’t frequent.

If the names; Autopsy, Suffocation, Necrovore, Deceased, Dying Fetus mean anything to you then Rottrevore should also. This Pennsylvania death metal act had a sound like a bulldozer plowing through a pile of decomposing bodies. Heavy? Check. Sick? Check. Play it loud enough and the bass will pop your speaker netting. Your brain might melt and they do this minus blast-beats, drum triggers or any other fancy digital cleansing software. How did they do it? They were the real ugly death metal deal...

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