Friday, 13 July 2012

SEPTIC TRAUMA - Subservience (2012)

01  Dajjal
02  Elongated Cylindrical Mass
03  Subservience

Septic Trauma is a 5 piece technical death metal band formed in early 2011 with the intention of creating a new kind of fusion between many styles of music including all kinds of metal, gypsy jazz and Indian konnokol rhythms. The band have been working hard over the past year and have released their debut EP 'Subservience' which has won high praise from several metal blogs and radio stations, being described as "constantly creative...a brilliant piece of music making".

The band hails from Truro, Cornwall, and are currently unsigned. They have been a collective unit for just over a year, yet have played with some of the death metal scene's heavyweights (Krisiun, Vital Remains). The guitar work on this EP reminds me very much of Obscura, Necrophagist and Gorguts in terms of technique and even tone, but Septic Trauma actually utilizes melodies far better than most other bands of the extreme technical death metal ilk. If you like your technical death metal with superfluous melodies, there's no way you won't enjoy the music on offer here. Martin Gay's vocals sound great and all the instruments are way up in the mix thanks to a very clean sounding production job. That being said, Septic Trauma's sound can perhaps, at times sound "too clean" especially on secnd track "Elongated Cylindrical Mass". The guitar work on that song is stunning, yet the overall impression I get is that it doesn't truly feel like one soild track, but a multitude of individual ideas that the band haven't settled on.

Septic Trauma have obviously drawn influences from artists further afield and I think it’s safe to say this release pays some homage to the gypsy-jazz tradition. There are obvious examples of this through-out. This band has one hell of a bright future as far as I'm concerned and they haven’t even been together for a huge length of time. I personally cannot wait to hear the new material they've apparently been working on for a full-length release. With technical death metal receiving a surge in interest as of late, Septic Trauma will definitely be a band to watch...

You can purchase the EP and a 'Subservience' t-shirt here

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