Friday, 20 July 2012

VADER - Litany (2000)

01  Wings
02  The One Made Of Dreams
03  Xeper
04  Litany
05  Cold Demons
06  The Calling
07  North
08  Forwards To Die!!!
09  A World Of Hurt
10  The World Made Flesh
11  The Final Massacre

'Litany' is the fourth studio album by Polish death metal band Vader, released on May 9th, 2000 via Metal Blade Records. The release of the album was also backed up by live shows, including April's No Mercy Festival 2000, and in June, the band embarked on a 30-date European tour with Vital Remains, Fleshcrawl, and The Crown.

Unlike Vader's other albums, which usually contain the band's "death metal with thrash elements" mix, 'Litany' seems to have close to almost no thrash elements. There are maybe a handfull of riffs or sections in this brutal, magnum opus 11 song - 30 minute album, but not enough to really be called thrash. This album doesn't beat their godly 1995 breakthrough album 'De Profundis' of course but nonetheless, this is their 2nd best album to date in my opinion, and regarded as somewhat of a classic.

The disc starts off with a bang via "Wings"; a pummeling blast-fest that really works to set the tone for the rest of the CD. The next track, "The One Made Of Dreams" continues in the same fashion. The album rampages on and on, until you are met with a juggernaut of such immense proportion and heaviness, that it's presence alone should solidify Vader's place in any Death Metal fan's collection. This complete and total bruiser comes in the form of "Forwards To Die!!!". Relentless blast 'n' thrash through and through. This is followed by "A World of Hurt" which opens with a great intro courtesy of drum virtuoso Doc, then is accompanied by a monster riff that is continued and expanded upon throughout most of the song. While the theme of war is hardly new, Vader pulls it off just as well as, if not better than, Bolt Thrower even if they deal with other themes too.. The fifth track "Cold Demons" features an intro and outro sample of a tank crew engaging a target then leaving at the end of the song. Not to mention the barbaric vocals screaming "FIRE!!!" in sync with the cannon towards the end.

This record has a strong Entombed/Slayer vibe to it, and that is most definitely a compliment. This is an absolutely blazing death metal record that is essential to any fan's collection. I promise you, the first half with blow you away harder than an atom bomb.

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