Saturday, 4 August 2012

KRISIUN - Southern Storm (2008)

01  Slaying Steel
02  Sentenced Morning
03  Twisting Sights
04  Minotaur
05  Combustion Inferno
06  Massacre Under The Sun
07  Bleeding Offers
08  Refuse/Resist
09  Origin Of Terror
10  Contradictions Of Decay
11  Sons Of Pest
12  Black Wind
13  Whore Of The Unlight

'Southern Storm' is the seventh studio album by Brazilian death metal band Krisiun. The album was recorded at Stage One Studios in Borgentreich, Germany, with producer Andy Classen. The album also features a cover of the Sepultura song "Refuse/Resist". It was released in Europe on July 21, 2008, and in the United States on August 5, 2008, both dates through Century Media Records.

'Southern Storm' is in no wise a change of style for this band, but it is just the heaviest, most relentless and crushing album they have ever recorded. Furious, steel-fisted riffs come pummeling out one after another, bristling with hooks, and make every songs a killer. The striking cover of fellow Brazilians Sepultura’s “Refuse/Resist” is unbelievable. Krisiun play the song as naturally as ones they’ve written themselves and that’s precisely how it sounds, natural. Such pounding drive, whether you love the thrash legends or not, if you love Krisiun, this song is a highlight.

One of the few downsides of this record is also a boon of sorts. All the songs (with the exception of the short acoustic interlude, “Black Wind”) follow the same pattern of brutality, Camargo’s roaring, brutality, solo, and more brutality. While many un-indoctrinated listeners might find this methodology tiresome, those with a more discerning ear will appreciate the fine tuned approach Krisiun took with Southern Storm. There is something to be said for consistency, and with their 7th full length, Krisiun proves why they’re still one of the top death metal acts in the world. Every song has its own identity and each one has multiple sections that are hard to forget, whether it be the raging, feverish solo in “Sons of Pest”, the foreboding, sinister intro to “Contradictions of Decay”, or the mind-melting conclusion of “Massacre Under the Sun”.

'Southern Storm' is a superior example of quality death metal songwriting. These guys are one of the most committed bands in the genre and this latest effort proves that the fire in their belly is stronger than ever. It’s kind of a rare thing for a band to continue to improve after six or seven albums. More often than not we’ll see an act peaking somewhere between their debut, the follow-up or ‘difficult’ third album. Not so Krisiun. I could be in the minority here but this band’s early albums bypassed me somewhat, and it wasn’t until the excellent 'AssassiNation' that I finally sat up and took notice. 'Southern Storm' is an excellent album and one that can hopefully be appreciated by the death metal community at large and not just Krisiun fans.

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